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SCO Secretary-General meets with the Egyptian Ambassador to China

18th meeting of the expert working group under the SCO Defence Ministers’ Council

SCO Secretary-General meets with State of Kuwait Ambassador to China

SCO Secretary-General meets with Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Head of the Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia

SCO Secretary-General’s meeting with Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the PRC

Zhang Ming meets with Dmitry Kiselev

38th meeting of SCO Ad Hoc Working Group on Customs Cooperation

SCO Council of National Coordinators meeting ends in Beijing

SCO-FAO Dialogue on Food Security

Заместитель Генерального секретаря Н.Б.Ермекбаев

SCO Secretariat takes part in the 2023 Mayors Exchange Conference on Maritime Silk Road City Influence

Secretary-General Zhang Ming meets with Director of the SCO Cultural Integration Centre in the Kyrgyz Republic Nursultan Adenov

 О конференции «Региональная взаимосвязанность для регионального развития»

Transport Connectivity for Regional Development conference

Форум по туризму ШОС

Year of Tourism 2023 SCO forum poised to begin

Встреча Генерального секретаря ШОС с заместителем Министра иностранных дел Республики Казахстан

SCO Secretary-General meets with Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Regular meeting of SCO Expert Group on International Information Security

Нацкор Казахстана

Briefing by national coordinator of Kazakhstan for the SCO Murat Mukushev on Kazakhstan’s SCO chairmanship

Посол Алжира

Meeting between the Secretary-General and the Ambassador of Algeria

Девятая международная научно-практическая конференция РАТС ШОС

Ninth SCO RATS International Scientific and Practical Conference

Генеральный секретарь ШОС Хунцяо

SCO Secretary-General Zhang Ming takes part in the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE)

Генсек на открытии Недели кино

Kazakh Film Week kicks off in Beijing