The Permanent Representatives of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Member States to the SCO Secretariat shall be appointed by the states in accordance with their national rules and procedures, from among persons holding senior diplomatic posts, and they shall take up their duties from the time the SCO Secretary-General receives written notification of their appointment.

Permanent Representatives shall:
- ensure the sending states’ representation and interests in order to implement the principles and achieve the objectives of the SCO.
- participate in the Secretariat’s work to prepare, review and coordinate draft documents submitted for meetings of the SCO bodies, including the drafting of agendas for meetings of the SCO bodies.
- contribute to making arrangements for implementing the SCO bodies’ decisions.
- inform the sending states about the activities of the SCO Secretariat.
- assist the Secretariat in building an information bank on the sending states necessary to ensure the activities of the SCO.
- provide the Secretariat with the necessary assistance in matters concerning timely financing of the SCO and the Secretariat pursuant to the decisions of the Council of Heads of State and the Council of Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) of the SCO Member States.
- accept inquiries from the Secretariat to the sending states concerning the most important events in domestic politics, foreign policy and regional security and facilitate the provision of the requested information.


Belarus - Evgeny Ryabtsev

India - Angeline Premalatha

Iran - Ali Bagher Nemati

Kazakhstan — Nurlan Akkoshkarov

China – Liu Mingche

Kyrgyzstan – Rakhman Adanov

Pakistan – Fareena Arshad

Russia — Natalia Stepkina

Tajikistan – Umarien Gulchekhra

Uzbekistan – Botyr Tursunov