On 24 May 2024, SCO Secretary-General Zhang Ming took part in the Meeting of Heads of SCO Member States’ Ministries and Agencies Responsible for the Development of Physical Fitness and Sport in Almaty. The Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan organised the event.
During the meeting, the heads of delegations exchanged opinions on cooperation in the field of professional sport, the development of sports medicine, coach training, and the promotion of national and traditional sports. The meeting’s protocol formalised the final agreements.
In his address to the members of delegations, Zhang Ming emphasised the importance of strengthening ties in the sphere of sport as part of cultural and humanitarian interaction. He highlighted the need for improving the relevant infrastructure and industries, as well as organising various sports competitions under the auspices of the Organisation.
While in Almaty, the heads of official delegations had the opportunity to visit advanced sports facilities in the city and its environs.
The Republic of Belarus took part in the event as an observer state.