On 13-14 May, Samarkand hosted the Asian Women’s Forum, dedicated to expanding women’s rights and opportunities in Central Asian countries.
This forum was the initiative of President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, advanced at the 78th UN General Assembly session.
Asian Women’s Forum
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SCO Deputy Secretary-General Shri Janesh Kain represented the SCO Secretariat at the event. In his remarks, Shri Janesh Kain highlighted the SCO’s commitment to expanding women’s rights and opportunities. Since the SCO’s inception 22 years ago, member states have developed key legislative documents on gender equality and approved relevant national programmes. These documents have provided a strong legal foundation for addressing gender equality issues in the SCO region.
The forum participants took part in 10 sessions that covered various topics, such as the participation of women in science, education and innovation; the use of digital technologies; reducing poverty through the expansion of women’s economic rights and opportunities; promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among women; and enhancing the role of women in the global economy.