On 22 November 2023, SCO Deputy Secretary-General Sohail Khan took part in the videoconference, Transport Connectivity for Regional Development, held by Pakistan as part of its chairmanship of the SCO Heads of Government Council.
Sohail Khan noted the important role of transport in expanding trade and economic cooperation and contacts between people, and emphasised the need for the practical implementation by the SCO member states to strengthen transport links in the SCO space.
Minister of Communications of Pakistan Shahid Ashraf Tarar greeted the participants.
Experts from the SCO member states exchanged views on the current issues on the organisation’s agenda, including in the field of national strategies for developing regional connectivity, transport and logistics infrastructure, harmonising the regulatory framework within the SCO, as well as decarbonising the transport industry and adapting to climate change.
The results of the conference were summed up by Altamash Wazir Khan, national coordinator from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.