On 29-31 October 2023, representatives of the SCO Secretariat took part in the 10th Beijing Xiangshan Forum.
The main theme of the forum was Common Security, Lasting Peace. The event focused on promoting global and regional security, trust and multilateral dialogue. At the opening ceremony, the SCO Secretariat’s adviser Shokhruh Bobonov spoke about the SCO’s performance. 
The forum was attended by over 120 delegates from 90 countries, representing defence agencies, diplomatic missions, international organisations and academic, analytical and political communities.
The Beijing Xiangshan Forum, which was known as the Xiangshan Forum until 2018, was established by the China Association of Military Science (CAMS) in 2006 as a high-level platform for Asia-Pacific security dialogue.
Since 2015, the Xiangshan Forum has been co-hosted by CAMS and the China Institute of International Strategic Studies (CIISS). The forum is committed to the idea of equality, openness, inclusiveness, mutual learning. Its participants discuss the development of the geopolitical situation and new challenges and threats, and call for an equal dialogue, mutually beneficial cooperation, shared security, an expanded consensus and the promotion of peace and stability.