On 12 October, the SCO Secretariat delegation took part in the KUBAN CSC 2023 international cyber security conference that opened in Sochi, Russia. The conference has brought together a wide circle of representatives of state and municipal authorities, cyber security experts, Russian IT companies, as well as high-ranking guests from some SCO member states.
Senior Expert Tolon Turganbayev, head of the Secretariat delegation, spoke at the plenary meeting, ICT: State, Threats and Prospects. He said that ensuring international cyber security is among the SCO’s priorities. He emphasised that the organisation is in favour of developing universal norms under the auspices of the UN, as well as rules and principles of responsible behaviour for states in the information space to provide for their sovereignty and equal security, prevent conflicts in this space, and ensure that ICT is used for solely peaceful purposes.
The conference is being held with support from Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Security Council, Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor-General’s Office, and Investigative Committee.