On 15 March 2023, the Republic of India chaired a regular Meeting of Heads of SCO Member States’ Ministries and Agencies Responsible for the Development of Physical Fitness and Sport. The meeting was held in New Delhi.
The meeting’s agenda prioritised efforts to further strengthen cooperation between SCO member states in the field of physical fitness and sport in the new post-Covid environment.
The heads of delegations noted the importance of exchanging the relevant know-how and the need to improve access to sports activities for various population groups, to popularise national sports, including yoga, wushu, etc., as well as traditional medicine as an auxiliary element of sports medicine, wellness and ways of achieving impressive results in sport.
They emphasised the importance of holding friendly matches, competitions and joint training sessions in certain sports among SCO countries.
They discussed various opportunities for promoting intra-SCO sports tourism, including tours of famous sports facilities, organising individual training sessions and encouraging short-term sporting events.
The heads of delegations reaffirmed their commitment to unfailingly honour international obligations to ensure the integrity of sport, the need to expand cooperation and to organise conferences, seminars and tutorial programmes in the fields of sport education, clean sport and sport science.
The participants also voiced their readiness to implement joint projects for manufacturing sports gear, clothing and other equipment.
They noted the Russia’s initiative to establish the SCO Association of Sports Organisations.