On 19 September, SCO Deputy Secretary-General Grigory Logvinov spoke via video link-up at a plenary session of the 16th Forum on Partnership of the State, Business and Civil Society in Ensuring International Information Security, organised by the Russian National Association for International Information Security with the support of the Russian Security Council staff at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
Participants in the forum’s five panel sessions discussed the following:
-Directions of developing cooperation in ensuring international information security;
-Ensuring the sovereignty of states in the global ICT environment;
-Ensuring the security of critical information infrastructure;
-Counteracting the use of ICT to spread neo-Nazi ideology;
-Shaping an international legal regime for conflict prevention and crime control in the ICT environment;
-Developing regional cooperation in the global information security system.
The forum brought together over 40 high-ranking guests and experts from various countries and international associations.