On 14-16 June 2022, Tashkent was the venue for the latest SCO Council of National Coordinators meeting.
The participants focused on preparations for the meeting of the SCO Heads of State Council, the meeting of the SCO Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) Council, and the meeting of the SCO Foreign Ministers Council, as well as for meetings of heads of sectoral ministries and agencies, scheduled for 2022. They continued to coordinate draft documents, due to be submitted for signing at the meeting of the SCO Heads of State Council in Samarkand this September. They discussed prospects for expanding cooperation with other international and regional associations, as well as applications by a number of states to obtain observer status or to become SCO dialogue partners.
They also reviewed current SCO activities.
On 17 June 2022, SCO National Coordinators took part in an international conference SCO: From Central Asia to Eurasia, marking the 20th anniversary of the SCO Charter. The International Institute for Central Asian Studies organised the event.