On 7 June 2022, SCO Deputy Secretary-General Grigory Logvinov made a video address at the plenary session Safe Information Country — Safe World during the 5th International Conference on Information Security Infoforum-Yugra. The plenary session's participants included representatives of government agencies, professional associations, educational and research organisations and leading companies from the Russian Federation, CSTO, SCO, BRICS and ASEAN and other countries.
In his video address, Grigory Logvinov noted that information technologies had military applications in the modern world, and that digital space had turned into bridgeheads and battlefields. He expressed an opinion that global developments made it imperative to shift accents in the field of international information security. This calls for drafting a strategy and tactical concepts to counter the use of information and communication technologies for openly subversive, hostile and illegal activities directed against the SCO member states.
The participants discussed the following issues during the plenary session of the 5th International Conference on Information Security Infoforum-Yugra and at other panel discussions and informal meetings:
1. Global challenges of the digital age. Priority areas of international cooperation in the field of information security.
2. Information security as the basis of national security and information sovereignty of states in the digital world.
3. Mechanisms for the formation of international platforms for the exchange of information and response to cyber incidents. The role of state, sectoral and public institutions.
4. Trust is a fundamental principle of sustainable development. Creation and application of trusted services in the digital world.
5. National cyber sovereignty and decentralisation of the global digital space.
6. Problems of using ICT in internal political and international conflicts. Formation of international principles and legal mechanisms for limiting cyber threats and cyber aggression.
7. True and fake information in the digital world: data substitution as a threat to the information independence of states. Technologies and solutions for protection.
8. Personality in the Metaverse. Ensuring digital rights of citizens and protecting personal information.