On 7 April 2022, Uzbekistan chaired annual consultations of the press services of SCO member states' foreign ministries. Taking part in the meeting, held via videoconference, were the heads and senior officials of the related foreign ministry divisions from eight SCO countries. The agenda's focal points were interaction in creating a fitting information background while preparing for the next meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of State scheduled for September 2022 and coverage of the main events within the framework of Uzbekistan's SCO chairmanship.
The participants focused on cooperation amid the continued aggravation of the international situation. It was stated that foreign ministry press services were facing an unpresented challenge of having to counter the proliferation of information fakes in the context of the deepening split in the international community and the growing pollution of the global media space befouled by patently false messages.
Deputy SCO Secretary-General Grigory Logvinov briefed the participants on the SCO Secretariat's information work, which was given a positive assessment.