Dear Mr. and Mrs. Arziev, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to China and Current Chairman of the SCO,
Dear Ambassadors,
Dear guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,
First of all, please allow me and my wife, on behalf of our colleagues in the Secretariat, to sincerely welcome you to our common home to celebrate the holiday of Nowruz. I would also like to thank you in particular for your kind wishes and support for my appointment as the SCO Secretary General!
The Nowruz Festival is a traditional holiday widely celebrated by the population of the region where the Organization is located. It has also been recognized as an international festival by the United Nations General Assembly and is included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This is the same as the Chinese New Year and the Winter Holiday of the peoples of the SCO Member States. It expresses the desire of our peoples for love, friendship and harmony, the expectation of a better new life and the desire for unity, tolerance, good neighborliness and peace. We are proud to firmly follow the "Shanghai Spirit", which is also highly valued all over the world: mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for different civilizations and the pursuit of common development. These principles are clarified and generalized in the traditional values contained in our Nowruz Holiday, Spring Festival and Maslenitsa.
As the largest and most populous regional organization, the SCO has attained bright achievements in the field of development over the past 20 years and enjoys significant influence in the international community.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the leaders and Governments of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization' Member States for their high confidence in appointing me to the responsible position of Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. I would also like to thank the Host country and the Member States, as well as everyone here, for their strong support and assistance since I took office.
I know that the important position of Secretary General is an honor and a responsibility. I will work in unity and cooperation with my colleagues in the Secretariat, diligently fulfill my duties and actively promote multilateral cooperation of the Organization in order to demonstrate a new spirit and achieve new results, promote security, stability and prosperity, as well as strengthen friendly and good-neighborly relations between members of the SCO Family and international partners, justify the trust of the Member States.
After a long winter, spring brings transformation, rebirth and hope. Today, more than ever before, we need positive change and positive energy. Whether in traditional areas of common interest or in new areas, we need to actively cooperate within the Organization.
Since ancient times, people have always believed that the way they greet and celebrate holidays will determine how the New Year will develop. Therefore, I hope that today's event can bring you pleasure from music, food, affection and friendship, bring a successful "beginning" and open a new chapter in life.
Dear friends! I once again congratulate you on the arrival of spring, and may every family, including our SCO family, be full of friendship, understanding and respect, happiness and prosperity! May our peoples always enjoy peace and prosperity!