On 23 March 2022, SCO Secretary-General Zhang Ming attended a reception for International Nowruz Day at the Republic of Uzbekistan Embassy in the People's Republic of China at the invitation of Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the PRC Farhod Arziev.
Zhang Ming warmly congratulated the Ambassador and everyone present on the beginning of spring and noted that Nowruz was a wonderful and radiant holiday symbolising peace, friendship, mutual understanding and mutual respect between peoples. Like Chinese New Year or the Old Russian Maslenitsa, this popular holiday is an integral part of many countries' spiritual and cultural life.
Farhod Arziev noted that the essence of Nowruz and its significance matched the principles of the Shanghai Spirit, that they implied goodwill and prosperity and also advocated accord and harmony. He drew attention to the special resolution issued by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the programme of events during Uzbekistan's SCO chairmanship, as well as a list of draft documents due to be signed at the upcoming Heads of State Council meeting in Samarkand.