On 1 March 2022, experts of the SCO Consortium of Economic Analytical Centres (CEAC) held an ordinary meeting via videoconference. It was the first China-chaired event focusing on a number of issues related to the CEAC's third meeting scheduled for September. The experts considered the process of preparing a report on the results of a joint study titled "Analysis of the Global and Regional Macro Trends in Economic Development following the Covid-19 Pandemic." They discussed universal report requirements and the timeframes for the report's preliminary discussion.
The experts have coordinated the CEAC's Work Plan for 2022 and approved topics for the workshops that the chair is supposed to organise later this year.
The next expert meeting, also to be held online, is scheduled for 20 June 2022.
The CEAC is an expert advisory venue established to analyse economic cooperation priorities and offer recommendations.
Decision of the SCO Council of Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) № 120 of 2 November 2019 endorsed the Regulations of the SCO Consortium of Economic Analytical Centres.