On 1 March 2022, SCO Secretary-General Zhang Ming had a meeting at the Secretariat with FAO Representative in China and North Korea Carlos Watson. 
Mr Watson congratulated Zhang Ming on his appointment to the post of SCO Secretary-General and informed him about the FAO's activities and initiatives in the SCO member states. He also expressed an interest in the further development of partnership between the two organisations.
Zhang Ming thanked the FAO representative for his warm wishes and stressed that food security and promoting sustainable agricultural methods was a priority for cooperation within the SCO. He also spoke highly of the SCO-FAO collaboration, noting that joint events, such as last year's Independent Dialogue on the Development of Sustainable Food Systems, were giving a powerful impetus to cooperation between the two organisations.
The officials agreed to continue joint efforts on implementing the Memorandum of Understanding and the SCO-FAO Joint Plan of Action for 2021-2023.