On 28 February 2022, members of the SCO Observer Mission held a briefing on the results of their work at the 27 February 2022 nationwide referendum on amending the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.
Kazybek Kochkonov, Kyrgyzstan's National Coordinator for SCO Affairs and the Mission's Head, noted that the invitation of international observers highlighted the Republic of Belarus' striving to ensure maximum possible openness, transparency and democratic nature of the nationwide referendum.
In the run-up to the referendum, on 26 February 2022, Kazybek Kochkonov met with Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Belarus Igor Karpenko. The officials discussed the main aspects of ensuring the success of the Mission's work.
SCO observers witnessed the procedures of checking documentation and sealing ballot boxes at polling stations in Minsk, and the Minsk and Mogilyov regions. The Mission's members noted the impressive professionalism of district election commissions, the active and interested involvement of Belarusian citizens in the referendum, as well as the effective work of national and international observers.
Mr Kochkonov stated that the referendum met the requirements of the Republic of Belarus' legislation and its international obligations, and that no violations had been recorded. The referendum was open and transparent, and its results will undoubtedly facilitate the further development of national democratic processes in Belarus.
Apart from members of the SCO Observer Mission, observers from other international organisations and media representatives attended the briefing.