On 18 January 2022, experts from the SCO Consortium of Economic and Analytical Centres held another online meeting.
They discussed the consortium's Action Plan for 2022, which is focused on making an analysis of macrotrends, assessing risks and preparing recommendations for taking system-wide decisions.
During this project, the experts analysed global trends and the macroeconomic situation in the SCO member states to find the best modalities for closer coordination of macroeconomic policies as a whole and their individual components, in the interests of enhancing the stability and competitiveness of the SCO countries' economies. They also outlined tentative development areas, such as promoting the policy of openness, traditional and alternative energy generation, and the digital economy.
The SCO Consortium of Economic and Analytical Centres is a consultative and expert platform created to analyse the priority areas of economic cooperation within the SCO and to formulate recommendations. The Consortium Regulations were approved on 2 November 2019 by Decision No. 120 of the SCO Council of Heads of State (Prime Ministers). China has assumed the rotating chairmanship of the Consortium.