On 30 November 2021, the SCO Secretariat hosted a reception on behalf of SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov in connection with India's Ambassador to China Vikram Misri completing his diplomatic mission. The event was attended by heads of SCO Family diplomatic missions.
Vladimir Norov expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Misri for the numerous initiatives aimed at developing cooperation between SCO countries and his support of the SCO Secretariat. He noted the Indian embassy's active participation in organising and holding cultural events as part of celebrating the SCO's 20th anniversary and Year of Culture.
It was noted that India immediately became part of SCO life and made a lot of new proposals enriching the organisation's agenda, for example, facilitating cooperation in the sphere of traditional medicine, startups and innovations, as well as holding a contest of young scientists. Vikram Misri personally made a significant contribution to strengthening cultural cooperation, initiating the SCO Digital Exhibition dedicated to shared Buddhist heritage, Days of Yoga at the Secretariat, presentations of Indian literature translated into SCO languages, and the continuing series of film screenings for SCO countries, CinemaSCOpe.
Ambassador Misri thanked the Secretary-General for organising the reception and for his kind words. He noted that the SCO was a priority area of India's foreign policy. The ambassador also thanked Vladimir Norov for his constant support and stressed that his diplomatic activities in Beijing and especially close friendship with the SCO Family countries would always remain a memorable period in his career.