On 7 November 2021, SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov addressed via video the international conference on best practices to achieve carbon neutrality in Beijing, which was timed to coincide with the 4th China International Import Expo.
The event was attended by leaders and representatives of the Beijing government, government agencies and China's business circles, as well as diplomatic missions accredited in China.
In his keynote address, Vladimir Norov said that achieving carbon neutrality was at the centre of the international community's attention in light of the challenges posed by climate change. "Cooperation in environmental protection is enormously important for the SCO countries," he said. "Our countries pay significant attention to green growth and promoting cooperation in renewable and alternative energy."
The SCO Secretary-General pointed out that countries and corporations continue to search for innovative approaches as they strive to overcome the globally significant climate challenge while maintaining economic competitiveness. "In this regard, the fact that President of China Xi Jinping assumed a commitment to achieve net zero by 2060 at the UN General Assembly is a significant milestone in the global battle against climate change," Vladimir Norov added.
The SCO Secretary-General noted the importance of the Concept of the SCO Member States' Cooperation in Environmental Protection (2018) and the SCO Green Belt Programme (2021) aimed at expanding the use of modern technology with low greenhouse gas emissions in the economy, improving industrial production with the use of the latest green technologies, and increasing the share of renewable energy with an eye towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.
The participants were also informed about the SCO's ongoing efforts to improve its regulatory framework for environmental protection cooperation.