On 12 October, SCO Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Haizhou took part in the sixth annual conference of the Taihu World Cultural Forum, held with the theme "Mutual learning among civilisations: Jointly building a community of a shared future for humanity" in the city of Bengbu.
Speaking at the conference, the SCO Deputy Secretary-General noted that the principles of the Taihu forum and the SCO's activities largely coincide: based on the Shanghai spirit, the SCO advocates respect for cultural diversity, equality, mutually beneficial cooperation, mutual consultations, and joint sustainable development.
"The growing number of the SCO member states, observers and dialogue partners is key in forming a space of open, mutually beneficial and equal interaction. Within its area of responsibility, the SCO acts as a guarantor of stability and security, and consistently strives to turn the SCO space into a region of peace, prosperity and harmony, where inter-civilisational dialogue can flourish," added Zhang Haizhou.
He pointed out that the SCO demonstrates to the whole world an example of a respectful and tolerant attitude towards the traditions and values of a humane society. The SCO member states are committed to strengthening cooperation and partnership so that the friendship of their peoples carries on from generation to generation.
Six themed forums and four themed dialogues were held during the conference. About 500 delegates from China and more than 30 countries participated in the annual event online and offline.