The Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO),
noting the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on food security in the SCO Member States, primarily in terms of the supply chains and the availability of safe and nutritious food for people,
in keeping with the SCO Agreement on Cooperation in Agriculture and the SCO Food Security Cooperation Programme,
taking into consideration the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding between the SCO Secretariat and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO),
stressing the importance of the SCO Secretariat's coordinating role,
declare the following:

1. The Member States intend to promote cooperation for engaging in a voluntary exchange of information on food security, including food production, export and import data, as well as forecasts.
2. The Member States are committed to further efforts to promote mutually beneficial trade in agricultural and food products among themselves, including by employing modern information and communication technology (ICT).
3. The Member States intend to promote cooperation with the aim of setting up green transport corridors and routes within the SCO in order to ensure timely food deliveries.
4. The Member States will further promote cooperation among veterinary and phytosanitary security regulatory agencies in order to ensure reciprocal access to agricultural products.
5. The Member States are committed to sharing, on a voluntary basis, their best practices, knowledge and information on introducing innovative technology for the production and distribution of agricultural products and food.
6. The Member States intend to voluntarily promote cooperation, expand direct investment and exchange information in order to develop new high-yield varieties and hybrid agricultural crops, as well as ensure high genetic potential in cattle breeding and poultry by using the latest selection and breeding methods.
7. The Member States are interested in undertaking joint research projects, engaging in consultations and holding conferences within the SCO on food security with the involvement of the interested international organisations.
8. The Member States are interested in further promoting SCO cooperation on food security with international organisations, including the FAO.
9. The Member States welcome mutually beneficial voluntary projects, carried out across the SCO space, and designed, inter alia, to ensure food security and create a favourable investment climate.
10. If necessary, the Member States may consider other opportunities for expanding their cooperation in order to ensure better food security across the SCO space.
The interaction mechanisms for carrying out the provisions of the Joint Statement shall be as follows: the Meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture of the SCO Member States and the Permanent Expert Working Group on Agriculture within the SCO Secretariat.
Dushanbe, 17 September 2021