We, the leaders of the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (hereinafter SCO),
acknowledging the importance of science, technology and innovation for global economic growth and sustainable development for the benefit of each state and the whole of humanity,
promoting the further strengthening of cooperation in science, technology and innovation in order to increase scientific, technical and innovation potential and stimulate the sustainable socioeconomic development of the SCO Member States in accordance with the principles of the SCO Charter,
hereby declare the SCO Member States' determination to intensify interaction in the following areas:
— creating, through joint efforts within the SCO region, favourable conditions for the development of science and technology in accordance with the SCO Development Strategy until 2025, as well as the SCO Member States' priority goals;
— for this purpose, consistently implementing the 13 September 2013 Agreement between the Governments of the SCO Member States on Science and Technology Cooperation; the Concept of Cooperation of the SCO Member States in Digitalisation and ICT adopted on 14 June 2019; the Statement of the Council of SCO Heads of State on cooperation in the digital economy adopted on 10 November 2020; the SCO Science and Technology Partnership Programme adopted on 3 November 2016; the Action Plan (Roadmap) for cooperation between research institutions of the SCO Member States for 2019-2020 adopted on 12 October 2018; and the Plan of events agreed upon during the Fifth Meeting of the Heads of Science and Technology Ministries and Agencies of the SCO Member States on 21 November 2019;
— using scientific and technological advances to stimulate socioeconomic growth;
— expanding science and technology cooperation in the spheres of interest, including through the creation of a mechanism for the implementation of joint research projects;
— building up cooperation in training highly qualified innovation-oriented technology and managerial professionals, especially leading young scientists and engineers, using educational opportunities, including the SCO University;
— creating favourable conditions for the exchange of experience, best practices and technological solutions between research organisations, scientists, specialists and students of the SCO Member States through competitions, conferences, seminars, roundtables, mutual visits and other events. In this context, we welcome the Young Scientists Conclave and the SCO Startup Forum hosted by India; the SCO Youth Competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, by China; the International Week of Innovative Ideas, Uzbekistan; as well as Kazakhstan's initiative to create a SCO pool of modern technology parks;
— stimulating the development of research and innovation infrastructure; and
— considering the possibility of creating cooperation mechanisms to enable the voluntary joint use of research and innovation infrastructure, including technological capacities in priority areas to promote research, development and innovation on a mutually beneficial basis in accordance with the national laws of the SCO Member States.
Dushanbe, 17 September 2021