On 26 July the heads of the SCO defence ministries' departments responsible for international military cooperation met in Dushanbe. The meeting was chaired by a representative from Tajikistan.
Those taking part considered and agreed upon the draft documents to be submitted to the SCO Defence Ministers meeting scheduled for 28 July in Dushanbe. This event will be attended by the heads of the defence agencies of all the SCO member states.
Состоялось заседание руководителей структурных подразделений международного военного сотрудничества оборонных ведомств ШОС
The experts also agreed on the draft refined plan of cooperation between the SCO defence ministries for the second half of 2021 and the draft plan of cooperation between the SCO defence ministries for 2022-2023 and submitted them to the defence ministers for approval.
The meeting was held in a constructive and friendly manner.