On 16 July 2021, Tajikistan chaired the first Meeting of SCO Industry Ministers via videoconference.
The participants exchanged opinions on the current status of industrial cooperation between SCO member states, prospects for its further development and specific initiatives. They voiced their readiness to contribute to sustainable economic development in SCO member states and raise living standards of the population. The event's agenda included matters dealing with the current state of industrial cooperation between SCO member states and its prospects for the future.
Deputy SCO Secretary-General Sherali Jonon greeted the participants on behalf of SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov.
В Душанбе прошла первая Встреча министров промышленности государств-членов ШОС
He noted the importance of streamlining industrial cooperation. "We see the first Meeting of Industry Ministers of SCO Member States as yet another favourable opportunity for us to more effectively unveil the real potential for future trade and economic cooperation and investment activities between the SCO region's countries.
"We consider it important to expand industrial collaboration between SCO member states because our region has a tremendous untapped industrial potential for more profound mutually beneficial cooperation. While aiming to promote these efforts, the SCO Secretariat is ready to provide assistance within its own remit," the SCO Secretary-General's message reads in part.
The participants noted that SCO member states had to coordinate their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Uzbek side submitted for consideration a draft programme for promoting industrial co-production arrangements between business circles of SCO member states. On 10 November 2020, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev suggested this initiative at the SCO Summit that was being held then.
This initiative aims to create favourable conditions for expanded industrial co-production ties between business circles of SCO member states and to set up a multilateral platform for coordinating their efforts to launch mutually beneficial, stable and regular industrial cooperation in the SCO region.
Those taking part noted that there was a need to continue working jointly with the SCO Secretariat in order to launch well-coordinated and effective industrial cooperation between SCO member states that would involve representatives of state agencies, business circles, research and other organisations. This will make it possible to search for new industrial cooperation options.
It was pointed out that, considering these factors, the Organisation's member states find it important to expand and deepen financial, investment, industrial, transport, energy, agricultural and other cooperation, including by drafting and implementing joint programmes and projects. This meets the interests of sustainable socio-economic development in the SCO region.
Those attending the first Ministerial Meeting said that SCO member states currently boasted powerful production capabilities and an impressive science and technological potential, which makes it possible to successfully implement joint industrial projects.
The participants agreed that it was relevant to establish a new mechanism of the Meeting of SCO Industry Ministers and thus decided to continue working jointly to streamline well-coordinated and effective industrial cooperation between the SCO member states.