On 19 May 2021, a presentation of the Agricultural High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone, located in Yangling City, Shaanxi Province, was held at the SCO Secretariat. The Zone's purpose is to exchange agrarian technologies and to train recipients.
The presentation was organised by the People's Government of Shaanxi Province and the Administrative Committee of the Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone, with the support of the SCO Secretariat.
Ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiary, permanent representatives of the SCO member states at the SCO Secretariat, representatives of observer states and SCO dialogue partners, representatives of trade delegations and investment companies and economic councilors from the SCO Family countries' embassies, those of ASEAN and the Arab League countries attended the event.
Online and offline attendees included representatives of specialised ministries and agencies, academic research communities from SCO, ASEAN and Arab league member states.
SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov greeted the participants and noted the importance of implementing PRC President Xi Jinping's initiative to establish the Agricultural High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone for exchanging agrarian technologies and training recipients.
Xi Jinping explained his initiative at the SCO Summit that took place in June 2019. Mr Norov noted that the SCO heads of state had mentioned the initiative in their 2020 Moscow Declaration, and that agriculture ministers of SCO member states had supported it. He noted the successful partnership with Shaanxi Province and the Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone in forming a SCO demonstration zone.
"Today, the Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone is recognised as a Chinese national brand and as an influential and large-scale platform for international exchanges and for developing new cooperation models, based on science and practical achievements."
The development of "smart" agriculture in Yangling, as well as the development of cutting-edge agro-industrial technologies, can guarantee the successful operation of the SCO demonstration zone, the SCO Secretary-General pointed out.
Speaking of the agrarian sector's problems, caused by the global pandemic, Mr Norov noted the importance of pooling the efforts of the SCO countries during the implementation of joint projects, the development of "smart" agriculture, high-tech transfers, the organisation of online webinars and training sessions to facilitate joint measures for ensuring food security and high living standards of the SCO countries' citizens.
The SCO Secretary-General expressed hope that the current presentation at the SCO Secretariat would provide an insight into the potential of the incipient SCO demonstration zone and its capabilities and to establish close contacts for the implementation of joint projects in the interests of the SCO Family's countries on the basis of this zone.
China's Chief Veterinary Officer Mr Li Jinxiang and Deputy Governor of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province Mr Wei Zengjun also greeted those present.
The participants also listened to reports made by representatives of China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, top managers and specialists from the Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone.
During the presentation, there was a slide show highlighting agricultural cooperation between the SCO countries. A degustation was also put on of top-quality farm produce from the Demonstration Zone.