On 27-30 April 2021, the Council of National Coordinators (CNC) of the SCO member states held a meeting in the online and in-person formats chaired by Tajikistan. The meeting was held at the SCO Regional Antiterrorist Structure's Executive Committee in Tashkent. The participants discussed preparations for the SCO summit and meetings of the SCO of Heads of Government Council and the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs as well as other conferences at the level of ministers and agency heads scheduled for 2021.
The national coordinators thoroughly reviewed the progress in drafting documents to be signed at the forthcoming SCO Heads of Government Council Meeting in Dushanbe this September. A number of SCO expert meetings are scheduled to coordinate the documents.
Issues related to boosting cooperation with observer states and dialogue partners were reviewed. A meeting of the member states' national coordinators is to be held in June with authorised representatives of the foreign ministries of the SCO member states and dialogue partners.
The participants exchanged views on organising events in the SCO member states to mark the 20th anniversary of the Organisation.
The parties discussed draft memoranda on SCO cooperation with other international and regional associations, reviewed new applications for SCO observer state and dialogue partner status.
The national coordinators also considered a number of issues pertaining to the SCO's current activities and summed up the agreements on them in the final protocol of the meeting.
The Council of National Coordinators of the SCO Member States (CNC) coordinates the ongoing activities of the SCO and ensures interaction between the respective ministries and agencies of the member states.
The Republic of Tajikistan assumed the SCO Presidency following the SCO Heads of State Council Meeting on 10 November 2020.
Tajikistan's Presidency coincided with SCO's 20th anniversary, which is marked under the slogan "20 Years of the SCO: Cooperation for Stability and Prosperity."