SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov sent a message of greetings to Sergey Lavrov, congratulating Mr Lavrov on his appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
The message reads as follows:
"Esteemed Mr. Lavrov,
"Please accept my sincerest congratulations on your appointment to the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
"The international community knows you as a true patriot of Russia who skillfully defends and promotes the country's national interests. You are rightfully listed among the advocates of an entirely new system of international relations based on diversity and pluralism, equitable and indivisible security, with due consideration for the interests of all states without exception.
"I am confident that your subsequent activity as Minister of Foreign Affairs will greatly contribute to Russia's progressive development, to further strengthening its international positions, and that it will also help expand and further deepen multi-faceted SCO cooperation.
"I am taking advantage of this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your invariable attention to the development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.
"I wish you further success in this responsible position, good health, prosperity and all the very best.
"Yours respectfully,
Rashid Alimov"