SCO Observer Mission members’ meeting with Kazakhstani political parties


On 17-18 March 2023, members of the SCO Observer Mission visited the campaign headquarters of the parties Aq Jol, AMANAT, the People's Democratic Patriotic Party Auyl, the People’s Party of Kazakhstan and Respublica for the first time, while monitoring early elections of deputies to the Majilis, the lower house of Parliament, and maslikhats (local legislatures) of the Republic of Kazakhstan. While staying there, they discussed various aspects of the Kazakhstani election process in great detail, the specifics of the mixed voting system, voters’ activities and turnout, the parties’ possible remarks or claims regarding the organisation of elections, the registration of candidates (primarily in single-member constituency), the provision of equal access to media outlets, etc. All conversations were friendly, mutually respectful and constructive.

Early elections to the Majilis and maslikhats were held on 19 March.

Reference note:

Seven political parties are registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main goals of the parties:

Ак Жол
Ак Жол

Aq Jol
The creation of essential conditions for the free development of every citizen, guaranteeing their rights and freedoms, constantly raising the quality of life and living standards of all Kazakhstani citizens, as well as ensuring economic, social and political progress.


Building an economically strong, democratic, secular country with rule-of-law, a welfare state, well-developed civil society institutions and a modern and competitive political system.


Expanding state regulation and supporting the agrarian sector, protecting the interests of rural workers, active efforts to facilitate the implementation of economic and political reforms aiming to democratise society still further, implementing well-substantiated forms of market relations in all economic sectors and raising people’s living standards.

Народная партия Казахстана
Народная партия

The People’s Party of Kazakhstan
Building an equitable society in line with socialist principles, moving towards a society of genuine popular rule, social justice, all-out spirituality, freedom and a prosperous economy on the basis of science and technological progress.


Helping to establish a civil society in Kazakhstan in line with the principles of freedom, democracy, justice and well-being, creating conditions for the economic and social development of the state, providing conditions for realising the interests of citizens and facilitating the all-round development of individuals.

The Nationwide Social Democratic Party
Consolidation of the people of Kazakhstan as an essential foundation of effective statehood, through the process of legislative formalisation of the main goal of the whole of society, specifically, ensuring a worthy life for all citizens, forming a powerful state capable of creating the required conditions for this.

Protecting the plant and animal kingdoms, preserving biodiversity, building an economically strong, democratic, secular country with rule-of-law and a welfare state, well-developed civil society institutions and a modern and competitive political system.