Reception to mark the re-election of Secretary-General of the China Overseas Development Association

Генеральный секретарь ШОС Владимир Норов

On 29 September, Beijing was the venue of the fifth conference of the China Overseas Development Association (CODA). He Zhenwei was elected the new head of the fifth CODA Council through a secret vote in accordance with the relevant procedure of the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs out of candidates approved by the 31st meeting of the Central Industrial Committee.

Новый Председатель Китайской ассоциации по развитию предприятий за рубежом Хэ Чжэньвэй

The inauguration was attended by high-ranking officials from Chinese ministries and agencies, as well as the ambassadors of friendly countries: Russian Ambassador Andrey Denisov, Tajikistan's Ambassador Saidzoda Zohir Ozod, Kyrgyzstan's Ambassador Kanayim Baktygulova and Armenia's Ambassador Sergey Manasaryan.

Чрезвычайный и полномочный Посол России в Китае Андрей Денисов

SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov delivered a video address at the reception dedicated to the event. Congratulating the reelected head, the Secretary-General pointed out the importance of the Association in reaching the common SCO goals, and emphasised its significant contribution in the development of entrepreneurship in the Belt and Road countries. "I am quite certain that under your leadership, the Association will reach a new level. I am happy to note that over a period of the past years, efficient working ties have been built between the SCO Secretariat and CODA, which is the main thing when it comes to further constructive work," Vladimir Norov said.


Other photos from reception:

Чрезвычайный и полномочный Посол Таджикистана в Китае Саидзода Зохир Озод
Чрезвычайный и полномочный Посол Кыргызстана в Китае Канайым Бактыгулова
Чрезвычайный и полномочный Посол Армении в Китае Сергей Манасарян
Хэ Чжэньвэй с участниками приема