The SCO Secretary-General delivers remarks at the opening of the Council of National Coordinators meeting

Начал работу Совет национальных координаторов

On 10 March 2020, the SCO Council of National Coordinators began an online and offline meeting at the Executive Committee of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure of the

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (RATS SCO) in Tashkent.
SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov pointed out in his opening address that the member states were committed to continuing their efforts to prepare the main events of Tajikistan's SCO Chairmanship despite travel restrictions amid the pandemic.

Vladimir Norov expressed the SCO Secretariat's willingness to take an active part in the practical aspects of preparing for and holding the SCO's main political event this year, that is, a regular meeting of the SCO Heads of State Council which is to take place in Dushanbe in September.

The SCO Secretary-General mentioned the positive contribution of the mechanism of permanent representatives to the SCO Secretariat to coordinating multilateral documents and memoranda on cooperation with international and regional organisations.

The agenda of the national coordinators' meeting includes over 40 topics dedicated to holding the main events in the year of the SCO's 20th anniversary, as well as to the current issues related to the organisation's activities.

The opening ceremony was attended by students from the general school at the Russian Embassy in China who took part in the SCO Model interactive cognitive game, which will be held at the SCO Secretariat on 31 March 2021. High school students will simulate the activities of one of the SCO's main mechanisms, the Council of National Coordinators.

The meeting of the SCO Council of National Coordinators will last until 13 March 2021.

The Council of National Coordinators is a key SCO body coordinating the organisation's activities and cooperation with the relevant ministries and agencies of the SCO member states.

The Republic of Tajikistan assumed the SCO chairmanship following a meeting of the SCO Heads of State Council held on 10 November 2020.

Tajikistan will chair the organisation in the year of its 20th anniversary, under the motto 20 years of SCO: Cooperation for Stability and Prosperity

The SCO Model interactive game, which has become a good tradition of the SCO Secretariat and the Russian Embassy in China, is vivid proof of the young people's growing interest in the SCO's activities aimed at strengthening mutual trust, friendship and neighbourly relations among regional countries, as well as at boosting the prosperity of the SCO member states.