SCO Secretary-General takes part in meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Eurasian ambassadors


On 2 February 2021 in Beijing, Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China Wang Yi had a meeting with ambassadors of the Eurasian states to China. SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov also took part in the meeting.

The foreign minister noted that the Chinese calendar's Year of the Rat, a year that was full of risks and problems, is coming to an end. Mr Wang Yi stressed that in the face of the colossal changes, the like of which we had not seen in a century, and the COVID-19 pandemic, countries must be extremely supportive of each other and firmly committed to mutually beneficial cooperation.

In the same context, the Chinese foreign minister also called for joint promotion of the Belt and Road initiative based on the principle of "joint consultations, joint construction and shared use."

Mr Wang Yi further noted that, ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, China had entered a new historical era and was striving to build a new development model. In view of this, he declared that China was ready to share its market potential with other countries for the sake of strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation, including for the purpose of building the Health Silk Road, promoting the digital economy and nature conservation efforts.

Mr Wang Yi completed his remarks by wishing the meeting participants good luck and all the best in the upcoming Year of the Ox: "The epidemic will pass but solidarity and friendship will last forever. I hope that everybody will enjoy good health and our cooperation will be as strong as an ox."

Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov spoke on behalf of the diplomatic missions in Beijing. He offered heartfelt greetings to Mr Wang Yi on the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party and wished China success in achieving the goals set for this new year and major achievements as China enters its 14th five-year plan. Andrei Denisov noted that, despite the challenges of the past year, China and other countries in the region continue to support each other in the spirit of solidarity. In particular, there has been an increase in economic and trade cooperation; national economies have managed to maintain a positive development dynamic. The Eurasian countries expressed their readiness to work with Beijing to advance cooperation to a new qualitative level.

For his part, SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov noted that the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, being a solid platform for multilateral cooperation, serves as an example of new international arrangements based on mutual respect, equality and mutually rewarding cooperation.

Vladimir Norov mentioned that the SCO is marking its 20th anniversary in 2021 and emphasised that since the COVID-19 outbreak, the SCO member states have been countering the pandemic through solidary and well-coordinated efforts. They have been helping each other to overcome hardship and challenges as well as implementing a package of measures to support regional security. These joint relief efforts are contributing positive energy to the stable development of the Organisation and to the international pandemic response.

"The SCO member states presented their concepts of joint events marking the 20th anniversary aimed at further strengthening neighbourly relations, friendship and cooperation and realising the Organisation's potential with respect to security, sustainable development as well as providing for the well-being of the countries and nations in the SCO region.

As one of the SCO founders, China is strongly committed to the Shanghai Spirit and offering utmost support to the SCO countries in their fight against the pandemic and its adverse consequences. China is making an important contribution to the comprehensive development of the SCO, strengthening the Organisation's authority and role in the world," Vladimir Norov said.

The Secretary-General concluded his remarks by wishing the friendly people of China and the Chinese leader great success in achieving "the Chinese dream of the revival of the powerful Chinese nation" and building "a community of common destiny for mankind."