SCO Secretary-General meets with head of China National Complete Plant Import Export Corporation

The delegation of the China National Complete Plant Import Export Corporation

On 20 August 2020, SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov received the delegation of the China National Complete Plant Import Export Corporation (Complant) led by Chair of the Board Ms Liu Yan.

Mr Norov briefed the delegation members about the current activity and key areas of cooperation within the SCO in providing regional security, as well as trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian relations.

He emphasised that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a serious challenge for the SCO member states, during which they provided financial, economic, food and humanitarian assistance to each other. In this regard, Vladimir Norov thanked Complant for the humanitarian aid they provided to the SCO countries with the most difficult epidemiological situation.

The SCO Secretary-General also spoke about the issues of joint work within the SCO in environmental protection and ecology, and informed the delegation about the current mechanisms and adopted regulatory documents.

He noted that the SCO Secretariat is interested in cooperation with such companies as Complant that have research, personnel and production capacities in the area of environmental protection.

In turn, Ms Liu Yan told Mr Norov about the activity of the corporation, which over its 60-year history has implemented over 1,600 projects across 10 sectors, including the transport, electric energy, metallurgy, chemical, light and textile industries in over 100 countries and regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In 2009, Complant was acquired by the State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC), a state-owned holding company established by the decision of the China State Council. Its key areas of activity are environmental safety and scientific innovations. The company implements projects related to solid waste and hazardous industrial waste recycling, aqueous run-off, the introduction of underground water recovery systems, and river and lake reclamation.

Ms Liu Yan confirmed Complant's readiness to take an active part in the activity of the SCO in research and technical cooperation and environmental protection. Mr Norov suggested developing a concrete plan of interaction between the corporation and the SCO Secretariat.

The China National Complete Plant Import Export Corporation (Complant) was founded in November 1959 as a specialised agency of the Chinese Government for the implementation of projects on foreign economic and technical assistance. The company is in the top 250 international contractors and is member of the SCO Business Council.