SCO Secretary-General met with CCTV-4 TV channel delegation

Chinese television channel CCTV-4 delegation

On 19 August 2020, SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov received a Chinese television channel CCTV-4 delegation, led by documentary producer Ms Xue Hunxia.

Mr Norov briefed the group on the current activities of the organisation in the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres, and informed them about the upcoming Defence Ministers Meeting, SCO Heads of State Council meetings and the Security Council Secretaries meetings to be held in Russia. He noted the progressive development of SCO relations with the leading international organisations, the invigoration of trade and economic ties, the implementation of the cultural and humanitarian agenda, in particular, holding Days of Culture and the promotion of the Eight Wonders of the SCO project, as well as the coordination of the efforts of the member states in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SCO Secretary-General emphasised the close ties between the SCO Secretariat and the China Central Television. He thanked CCTV-4 for the detailed coverage of major events of the SCO Secretariat and stressed the importance of preparing themed programmes about the 20th anniversary of the SCO.

In turn, Ms Xue Hunxia said how much she appreciated the opportunity to take part in cultural and humanitarian events held by the SCO Secretariat. She told Mr Norov about the CCTV-4 projects, including the China Outreach programme about the life of foreigners in China and their personal impression of the traditional Chinese culture. Given the local audience's interest in the SCO countries, CCTV-4 plans to make a series of short films about the organisation with the participation of the SCO Secretary-General, as well as diplomats and citizens who are either studying or working in China.

Mr Norov noted that this initiative deserves to be supported and said that the Secretariat was ready to assist in its implementation.