The Presidium of the Tajik Society for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries sent a message to SCO Secretary-General


The Presidium of the Tajik Society for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries sent a message to SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov.

The Society thanked the SCO Secretariat and the China Committee on Good-Neighbourliness, Friendship and Cooperation for the joint preparations and successful holding of a videoconference, "The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on cooperation within the SCO: Challenges and opportunities. The role of public diplomacy in promoting cooperation within the SCO." The conference took place on 11 August 2020.

According to the Society representatives, the SCO is a universal platform for the implementation of multilateral projects in practically every sphere. The organisation promptly responds to unforeseen circumstances, such as the coronavirus pandemic.

The Presidium praised the idea of a concept on cooperation between public diplomacy centres and friendship societies with foreign countries in order to boost intercultural dialogue in the SCO space.