President of the Weidong Group visits SCO Secretariat

President of the Weidong Group visits SCO Secretariat

On 10 April, SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov met with President of the Weidong Cloud Education Group Wang Duanrui.

The parties discussed the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the world. The Secretary-General noted that the fight against COVID-19 in China is approaching its final stage due to the courage and perseverance of the Chinese people, as well as the timely and comprehensive measures taken by the PRC leadership.

"While the entire world is fighting the spread of the virus, the efforts of such a company as Weidong has shown the efficiency of online platforms in distance learning. Many countries have adopted China's experience in combatting the coronavirus, including distance learning," said Vladimir Norov. He stated in this respect that education has received a fresh impetus thanks to adopting state-of-the-art technologies.

In turn, Wang Duanrui expressed gratitude to the Secretary-General for his support and praise of the measures taken against COVID-19 in China.

He spoke about Weidong's work to promote online platforms for distance learning during the quarantine and closure of schools and universities. "Today, many countries in Africa as well as Singapore expressed an interest in our platform. It is already being adopted at schools and universities in France, Germany and other European countries," the President said. Mr Wang Duanrui declared his readiness to set up an online training system based on his platform for medical specialists at specialised universities in SCO countries.

In conclusion, Vladimir Norov thanked Wang Duanrui for the humanitarian assistance provided to SCO member states.

The meeting was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Weidong Cloud Education Group was founded in Qingdao, China, in 2012, and currently has branches in 16 countries. The company is developing an international system of continuing education, both at the basic and proficiency levels. Weidong offers a complex basic training solution for major Chinese cities and provinces. Its online platform has over two million registered users, more than 35,000 companies, and government and educational institutions, 330 of which are among the world's top-500 companies. Weidong is UNESCO's strategic partner.

Wang Duanrui is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Weidong Cloud Education Group Co., Ltd. He is also President of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Vice President of the Shandong group of small businesses for promoting development abroad.