SCO Secretary-General’s interview with The People's Daily (Renmin Ribao) on China’s positive results in countering coronavirus


"China is an example of a responsible state"

The work that was carried out to control as well as to prevent the pandemic of the coronavirus was successful thanks to the general mobilisation and organisational measures taken by the Chinese government.

We highly praise the support that China has given to other countries. Its dynamic economic and social development will help the global economy to overcome the stagnation.

The Chinese nation did not flinch when facing the epidemic of the novel coronavirus pneumonia but was tremendously brave throughout this ordeal.

The fight against the pandemic did not stop even for one single minute. The Chinese government quickly took decisive measures for general mobilisation, comprehensive deployment and prevention of the pandemic.

I would like to note the work carried out by the medical institutions all across China, which provided medical equipment and medicine, thanks to which two special hospitals were built in Wuhan over a short period of time. Over 40,000 medical personnel helped the Hubei Province by fighting the pandemic on the frontline.

The efforts taken by the Chinese gained respect and recognition from the international community. Many heads of state and international organisations praised China's prevention measures and fully recognise its achievements in countering the pandemic.
All 1.4 billion Chinese actively supported the government's strict measures to control and prevent the disease, acted together and achieved positive results thus showing the power of China.

During the first days of the pandemic, the SCO countries' leaders declared their complete support of China's efforts and sent medicine, medical equipment and individual protection gear. The staff of the SCO Secretariat sent their best wishes to the Chinese via a video titled "United with Wuhan people in heart and soul. Come on, China! Come on, Wuhan!" that was warmly met by the Chinese. Our motto is "There is no endless winter; there is no spring that won't come. The SCO stands together with the Chinese nation. Come on, China! Come on, Wuhan!" is still waving under the banners of the SCO member states at the Secretariat building in Beijing.

The infection has now received the status of a pandemic, and no country can fight it alone.

Governments in various countries must timely establish dialogue and actively develop regional and economic cooperation in order to quickly prevent and treat diseases. It is even more important for countries to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organisation: introduce quarantine measures to slow the spread of the virus down but also provide precise and timely information about the epidemiologic situation in every country and fight the virus according to the local situation.

China is cooperating with other countries and specialised international organisations in order to promote cooperation in countering the pandemic as well as it is helping countries in need.

For example, three groups of virologists and epidemiologists together with a large supply of necessary medical goods and equipment were sent to Italy. Chinese experts shared their experience in countering the pandemic with experts in Iran. China cares about people all around the world and helps them actively, showing the spirit of a responsible great power and making a significant contribution to protecting the health of the entire humankind.

China's experience in countering pandemics shows that "early detection, early information, early isolation and early treatment" are the most effective measures. All the governments must show high mobilisation potential to join their efforts and overcome the difficulties.

I am confident that all the SCO member states will take China's valuable experience into consideration and do everything they can to stop the pandemic.

The spread of the coronavirus destroys global supply chains and affects the sphere of services. China is one of the few countries with all the production chains. As of 28 March, when the control over the pandemic improved, over 98.6 percent of Chinese industrial enterprises got back to work.

The Chinese Ministry of Finance as well as other institutions made several decisions providing tax and duty incentives to medium-sized, small and micro businesses to help them get back on their feet. An increase in export tax refund rates is envisaged for agricultural and primary processed goods together with many other products too, which will contribute to the smooth revival of foreign trade.

We believe that very soon the social and economic development of China will be normalised completely and thus help the global economy overcome the crisis.