Head of China’s National Health Commission sends a message to SCO Secretary-General

Head of China’s National Health Commission sends a message to SCO Secretary-General

Minister in charge of China's National Health Commission Ma Xiaowei has written a letter to SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov stating that the efforts to prevent and the actions to contain the coronavirus epidemic have reached a crucial stage.

Minister Ma pointed out that the mechanism for monitoring and preventing the spread of the disease, created upon the instructions from President Xi Jinping, had proved effective in stopping the virus spreading any further.

Ma Xiaowei noted that China promptly took comprehensive measures to prevent and contain the spread of coronavirus that are stricter than the WHO recommendations. China's health policy has always been open, transparent and responsible. Beijing is promptly notifying the WHO and the countries concerned, including the SCO states and regions, about the epidemiologic situation and is sharing its diagnosis and treatment methods, as well as the measures it is taking to try and prevent the virus from spreading. The WHO and the majority of countries have a positive view on China's efforts. At the same time, the WHO noted that it does not approve of containment measures being taken against China's trade and tourism.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed. With the start of the epidemic, the SCO member states and the SCO Secretariat expressed their support, one after another, for the Chinese government and people in the fight against the epidemic, and some countries have provided material and technical assistance to China.

The other day the SCO Secretary-General sent a message of support to State Councillor and Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi, gave an interview and made comments to express support and sympathy for China. We feel your warmth and how caring you are," Ma Xiaowei wrote in his message.

The Chinese minister expressed confidence that the SCO Secretary-General and Secretariat would continue to cooperate with China and would encourage the SCO countries to continue to support China's efforts to prevent and contain the spread of coronavirus, to take into account the specific WHO recommendations and to take an objective view on China's efforts to stop the epidemic.

The message also says that for many years China had been actively involved in healthcare efforts within the SCO framework, that it held special events and prepared documents, thereby contributing to regional healthcare.

The National Health Commission is a cabinet-level executive department under the State Council of the People's Republic of China responsible for drafting laws and regulations on national health policies, coordinating and guiding medical and healthcare reforms, developing the national system of basic health services, plus monitoring and managing the public healthcare system, as well as medical services and medical emergencies.