SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov sends a message of support for China’s fight against coronavirus to Wang Yi, member of the Council of State and Foreign Minister of China

SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov sends a message of support for China’s fight against coronavirus to Wang Yi, member of the Council of State and Foreign Minister of China

The SCO Secretary-General said he appreciated the large-scale resolute measures being taken by the Government of China to take control of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and to normalise the situation as soon as possible. Vladimir Norov also sent his deep condolences to the families and friends of those who have succumbed to the virus and wished a speedy recovery to those who are fighting it.

He pointed out that the effective nationwide system of preventive treatment and disease control created under the guidance of President Xi Jinping gives us hope that the coronavirus epidemic, which has affected many people in China and outside it, will in the not too distant future be defeated.

The message reads that the SCO countries and the international community as a whole feel for China through these far from easy times and appreciate the efforts being taken by the Chinese authorities, the Government and the people, and admire the courage, heroism, staunchness and self-control of all those who are fighting the epidemic. "It is highly commendable that China, being a responsible member of the international community, is treating equally, both in word and in deed, everyone who is in China and continues to efficiently protect the health and safety of everyone, be they Chinese or foreigners," the SCO Secretary-General noted.

Vladimir Norov emphasised that China's actions taken since the very first days of the epidemic had been open and transparent and that China relied on international cooperation to prevent the pandemic and to protect regional and global safety in the field of healthcare.

"The efficiency of the measures taken by the Chinese authorities has been internationally recognised, according to a recent statement issued by the WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who said that if not for the resolute measures being taken by the Chinese Government to protect the health of its people and the people of other countries, we would have seen many more cases outside of China, including fatalities," the message by the SCO Secretary-General goes on to say.

Vladimir Norov expressed appreciation for the mobilisation capabilities of the Chinese healthcare organisations, the energetic efforts taken by China's research institutions to create a vaccine and new effective medicine, as well as a test kit for quickly diagnosing the virus, which is vital for combating the new strain of it.

The SCO Secretary-General pointed out in this connection: "As the WHO has admitted, China is setting new standards and parameters of the national agencies' response to large-scale emergencies and threats to public health and activities, which will benefit the international community as a whole."

He added that the SCO countries felt for the Chinese people and were resolved to take the necessary measures to stimulate cooperation and help China to prevent apandemic, as well as to increase the coordination and operational efficiency of the related ministries and agencies in dealing with the common threat.

The SCO Secretary-General expressed firm and unfailing support for China and the friendly Chinese people in their fight against the epidemic, as well as confidence that the coordinated and efficient measures taken by China's central, provincial and local authorities and the Communist Party plus cooperation with the international community would stop the spread of the epidemic and settle this problem in the not too distant future.