Eight Wonders of the SCO at 8th St Petersburg International Cultural Forum

8th St Petersburg International Cultural Forum

On 15 November 2019, the presentation of the project, the Eight Wonders of the SCO, took place during the Culture and Tourism section of the 8th St Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

SCO Secretariat Advisor Vladimir Zakharov introduced the event participants to the main aspects of the Organisation's activity as well as to its efforts to promote tourism and the activities under the Joint Action Plan to implement the SCO Tourism Cooperation Programme.

Initiated by the SCO Secretariat, the Eight Wonders of the SCO project encapsulates one historical and cultural landmark from each of the SCO member states. The aim of the project is to create a common travel space and to boost cooperation in the field of tourism.

The presentation as well as a film dedicated to the project prompted numerous questions from the audience, including on joining the project and using the SCO Secretariat as a platform for promoting tourist products by competent agencies and travel companies from the SCO member states.

Overall, immense enthusiasm was shown in what the SCO was doing in the field of tourism and praise was voiced for the trend-setting role the Organisation plays when it comes to pursuing humanitarian cooperation programmes.