The SCO Mission in Brest and the Brest Region in the Republic of Belarus

The SCO Mission in Brest and the Brest Region in the Republic of Belarus

On 15 November 2019, Head of the SCO Observer Mission Xie Xiaoyong visited a number of voting stations in the city of Brest and the Brest Region.

He familiarised himself with the operations of the district election commissions as well as with the visual information material about the candidates. He also spoke with citizens who had used their right to early voting under Belarusian law.

Later on, he met with Chairman of the Regional Election Commission Alexander Koleda and briefed him on the OSCE Mission's aims and objectives. He also inquired about the current developments in the context of the election campaign in the region and also locally.

For his part, Mr Koleda shared election and media support data as well as details on the number of voters. He said that the campaign was proceeding as usual.

Specifically, there are 975,358 Republic of Belarus citizens with the right to vote registered in the Brest Electoral District, plus 57 district election commissions. As of 14 November 2019, over 17 percent of the electorate voted before the start of the actual election.

Mr Xie also visited the Brest Fortress Memorial Complex dedicated to the heroes who defended the facility during the Great Patriotic War and which has become a symbol of patriotism and valor in the fight against the Nazi invaders.