SCO Secretary-General’s meeting with Vice Foreign Minister of China

SCO Secretary-General’s meeting with Vice Foreign Minister of China

On 12 November 2019, SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov met with Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Le Yucheng at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

Chinese diplomacy plays an important role in the world and advocates the development of a new type of international relations based on the principles of mutual respect, trust and cooperation, Vladimir Norov said. "China has consistently pursued a peaceful foreign policy, and the Belt and Road initiative, supported by many other countries, creates a new platform for international cooperation, contributing to forming a common vision of a community of common destiny for humanity," the Secretary-General added.

Vladimir Norov shared with the Vice Minister his ideas on further deepening practical cooperation within the organisation in various spheres of its activities.

He specifically highlighted the need to further deepen trade and economic cooperation within the SCO, including through the establishment of new expert working groups dealing with industry, energy and territorial development, the creation of funding mechanisms for joint economic projects and multimodal logistics centres to improve transport connectivity in the region.

Le Yucheng emphasised the importance of further developing multidisciplinary cooperation within the SCO, upholding the principles of the Shanghai Spirit, and focusing on strengthening trustful and neighbourly relations between the member states.

He praised the outcome of the SCO Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) Council meeting on 2 November 2019 in Tashkent: "Uzbekistan undertook a great responsibility in preparing this event and held it at a high level, both in terms of content and organisationally."

He also noted that 36 documents in various fields have been signed following the meetings of heads of state in Bishkek and heads of government in Tashkent, and the SCO Secretariat had played an important and active role in their coordination and preparation. "Important initiatives and proposals were voiced during both events, aimed at further developing cooperation within the SCO. We need to make efforts to implement them and to develop relevant regulatory documents," Le Yucheng pointed out.

The Vice Minister praised the SCO Secretariat's role in the creation of the SCO Consortium of Economic Analytical Centres (its regulations were approved by the SCO heads of government on 2 November 2019 in Tashkent) as well as the initiative to conduct the Eight Wonders of the SCO series of events aimed at developing a common tourist space within the organisation.

The parties also exchanged views on important matters regarding the current SCO activities.

The meeting took place in a friendly and constructive manner.