SCO Secretariat delegation takes part in CSTO international conference

SCO Secretariat delegation takes part in CSTO international conference

On 30 October 2019 Moscow hosted an International Conference of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation, On the Role and Nature of Interaction Between International and Regional Organisations in the Fight Against International Terrorism.

Participants in the conference focused on the discussion of the implementation of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, the establishment of international cooperation in providing global security, and improvement of mechanisms to counteract the threats of international terrorism and extremism.

The event brought together representatives of relevant agencies, diplomatic circles and experts from international organisations and structures that are involved in counter-terrorism, such as the UN, SCO, CSTO, OSCE, CICA and Interpol. The forum was also attended by representatives of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Secretariat of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly, and the Russian Foreign Ministry.

SCO Deputy Secretary-General Xie Xiaoyong delivered a message of greetings from SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov. Information officer Marat Tuayev also took part in the event.

In his message, the SCO Secretary-General noted the crucial importance of joint international efforts in counteracting terrorism and extremism. He emphasised the need to strengthen cooperation in cyber security and expressed readiness for active teamwork with relevant international agencies, including UN divisions, as well as regional associations, such as the CSTO, Interpol and the EAG in order to coordinate efforts in counteracting terrorism and cross-border drug and weapon trafficking. Mr Norov also noted the importance of implementing the Road Map developed by the SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group in order to prevent the spread of terrorist ideas.

Among the leading speakers were CSTO Acting Secretary-General Valery Semerikov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin, Director of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism Jehangir Khan, Director of the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre Marcel Pesko, CIS Anti-Terrorism Centre Head Andrei Novikov, Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock and EAG Executive Secretary Sergei Teterukov. CSTO Acting Secretary General Valery Semerikov was the chief moderator of the event.

SCO Deputy Secretary-General Xie Xiaoyong and Director of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism Jehangir Khan had a meeting on the sidelines of the conference. The two officials discussed the prospects for bilateral

cooperation between the SCO and the Counter-Terrorism Office; the delegation heads briefed each other on the current activity of their organisations aimed at providing security and stability.

The event was aimed at developing proposals for common approaches and ensuring the synergy of the potentials of international and regional organisations in dealing with the most pressing issues in counteracting the threats of international terrorism.