Resolution of the SCO Media Forum

Media Forum "The role of media in the development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization" was held on May 24, 2019 in Bishkek within the framework of the presidency of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Representatives of relevant government agencies of the SCO countries, leading media outlets, as well as media experts from the Organization's countries attended the Media Forum.

The participants of the forum exchanged views on current trends in media development, interaction between the media and the state, the intensification of cooperation between the media of the SCO countries, as well as opportunities to create a common information space within the SCO.

Following the results of the Media Forum the participants:

— stated that the current stage of SCO development falls on the period of active development of information technologies and growth of mass media influence on the public consciousness.

— noted the practical relevance of the Organization's basic values in the international scene, in particular the "Shanghai spirit", which embodies mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, mutual consultation and respect for the diversity of cultures. This is evidenced by the growing interest of a wide range of countries and influential international and regional structures in cooperation with the SCO.

— consider that the dissemination of objective and meaningful information about the SCO activities is of particular importance for the promotion of multilateral cooperation, deepening friendship between peoples and strengthening the image of the SCO.

— speak out for deepening mutually beneficial cooperation between the mass media, as well as the relevant ministries and agencies of the SCO member states in charge of mass media issues, with a view to wider exchange of experience and implementation of joint projects, organization of press tours, thematic seminars and conferences.

— stressed the importance of establishing a specific mechanism regulating the issues of cooperation in the field of mass media within the SCO framework and creating an effective platform for promoting practical interaction between the mass media of the SCO countries.

— drew attention to the urgency of strengthening measures to ensure information security in the SCO countries.

— agreed on the need for comprehensive coverage of SCO activities and its important events, in particular, the Bishkek Summit of the SCO in June 2019.