SCO Secretary-General meets with Lianyungang delegation led by Mayor

SCO Secretary-General meets with Lianyungang delegation led by Mayor

On 9 May SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov met with Lianyungang Mayor Fang Wei at the SCO Secretariat.

Vladimir Norov greeted the Mayor and pointed out the city's geographical advantages and high-tech production capacity for trade and economic cooperation with the SCO countries, especially in transport and logistics.

The Secretary-General also filled the visitors in on the concept of holding presentations on the Eight Wonders of the SCO. The project was developed by the SCO Secretariat in order to invigorate humanitarian cooperation within the SCO framework.

Fang Wei spoke on the dynamic socioeconomic development of his city, which due to its geographical and strategic advantages has become a key element in eastern China in implementing the Belt and Road initiative by Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China.

The Lianyungang Port is among the world's 100 top container ports in terms of cargo turnover and provides logistic services to many countries, including SCO member states.

According to Fang Wei, a project to set up an SCO transport and logistics park is underway in Lianyungang with a view to expanding the city's multifaceted trade engagement. The park will be able to provide all necessary trade, transportation and logistic services for the SCO countries. The city also has vast experience and state-of-the-art technologies for cooperation in agriculture.

A new international airport is being built in Lianyungang to develop business and tourist ties and increase trade and economic interaction. A children's health centre project has also been launched there.

Fang Wei has invited the SCO Secretariat to attend the 5th China Silk Road International Logistics Expo, which is to be held in Lianyungang on 10-12 September.

Lianyungang is situated on the Yellow Sea coast in northeastern Jiangsu province and is one of the 14 coastal cities which were declared open cities by the Chinese government. Lianyungang is among China's eight major ports.