SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov attends 8th Moscow Conference on International Security

the 8th Moscow Conference on International Security

On 24 April 2019 the 8th Moscow Conference on International Security began in the capital of Russia. SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov took part in it.

Speaking at the plenary session on global security, the Secretary-General stressed the importance of the conference, "the significance of which is defined by its representation and the global agenda." "Today the world is facing increased instability; there is the threat of a new round in the arms race; conflicts are escalating in several regions. The threat posed by international terrorist and extremist organisations to peace and stability in the vast Eurasian space is constantly growing. We need coordinated work by the international community to develop joint and effective approaches to address global challenges," Mr Norov noted.

"The SCO, while acquiring traits of a transcontinental organisation, strictly complies with the goals and principles of the UN Charter and speaks in favour of strengthening the Security Council's key role as the main body responsible for preserving international peace and security. When embarking on the fight against international terrorism, all countries must step up their efforts to create a joint antiterrorist front," the SCO Secretary-General stressed.

Vladimir Norov added that the SCO member states were facing the risk that military groups that were returning from "hotspots in the Middle East would continue terrorist and extremist attacks against them, indicating that radical extremism remained the gravest threat to security even in third countries. There is a tendency to unification between terrorist groups and international criminal organisations. In this situation, the SCO role in coordinated work in developing the international community's joint and effective approaches to face global and regional challenges becomes ever more important."

The SCO Secretary-General also voiced the SCO member states' concern "with the growing production and illegal use of drugs and the role of drug trafficking in financing terrorism." He emphasised that the SCO was in favour of developing joint action to fight the illegal use of drugs and their precursors."

The VIII Moscow Conference on International Security is attended by over 1,000 delegates from 111 countries, 35 defence ministers, 19 chiefs of staff, deputy defence ministers, heads of several international organisations, senior diplomats and experts.

The forum aims to strengthen cooperation between countries' military agencies and to search for common ways to counter new challenges and threats.