SCO ambassador delegation visits WEGO Group and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group

SCO ambassador delegation visited WEGO Group and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co

On 2 and 4 April 2019, the SCO ambassador delegation led by SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov visited WEGO Group and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co. in Weihai and Jinan as part of their regular visiting meeting of the SCO Ambassador Club.

Distinguished guests from SCO member states were welcomed by WEGO Chairman Zhang Hua Wei and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Deputy General Manager Liu Wei.

During the tour around the WEGO exhibition hall, Zhang Hua Wei and his colleagues informed the delegation about the company's development and its well-established international cooperation in producing medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. According to Mr Zhang Hua Wei, the company has already established fruitful cooperation with partners from SCO member states and is interested in further expanding mutually beneficial ties.

At China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Mr Liu Wei told the delegation about the company's history and strategic development programme, as well as current cooperation with SCO partners. Diplomats from SCO member states were also invited to tour the testing area. During the visit, representatives of SCO countries saw first-hand the company's cutting-edge technology and the quality of its products.

Secretary-General Vladimir Norov thanked the companies' management for this opportunity to visit manufacturing and exhibition complexes. He also noted that the SCO Secretariat would continue to promote the cooperation between WEGO Group, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and their SCO partners.

The events were attended by Ambassador of the Chinese Foreign Ministry's Department of Europe and Central Asia Xiao Qinghua, Ambassador of India Vikram Misri, Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan Kanaiym Baktygulova, Ambassador of Pakistan Masood Khalid, Ambassador of Russia Andrei Denisov, Ambassador of Tajikistan Parviz Davlatzoda, Minister Counsellor of Kazakhstan's Embassy Yerik Ashimov and Minister Counsellor of Uzbekistan's Embassy Batir Tursunov.

WEGO Ltd was founded in 1988 and specialises in medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. It consists of 10 industrial groups and over 60 subsidiaries. Its products include medical equipment, medicines, expendable infusion supplies, blood purification equipment, as well as expendable and osteopathic materials, surgical equipment and accessories: over 50 types of equipment and 700 brands in total.

WEGO Ltd is the national industrialisation base for the 863 Programme and the Torch National Programme. It has won several prestigious Chinese awards. In 2017, WEGO was 418th on the list of the 500 best Chinese enterprises, 194th among the 500 best Chinese manufacturers, 154th among the 500 best Chinese private companies and 86th among the 500 best Chinese private manufacturers.

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotruk), also known as Jinan Automobile Works before its reorganisation, was founded in 1956 and produced the first truck in China: the eight-tonne Huanghe JN150 (1960). In 1983, it successfully implemented a project to produce heavy trucks (STEYR, Austria) and became the first enterprise in China to use foreign technology to produce heavy vehicles. Officially, Sinotruk was established after the modernisation and reorganisation carried out in 2001. In 2009, the company entered into a strategic partnership with MAN, Germany, which resulted in MAN holding 25 percent plus one share stake in Sinotruk. After more than 10 years of development, the company is well known both in China and abroad.