Speeches at the inauguration of the Secretary-General Vladimir Norov

Secretary-General of the SCO

H.E. Mr. Vladimir I. Norov

Your Excellency Zhang Hanhui
Ladies and gentlemen,
Colleagues and Friends,
It is a great honour for me to welcome you on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year.
I hope that the spring will bring in new strength and vigor to us, which will give a beneficial and creative character to our ideas and plans.
On assuming my duties as the Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, first of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Heads of eight SCO member States for the high confidence they have had in me.
This credit of trust obliges me to work hard with the support of colleagues in the structures of the SCO, for the benefit of the peoples of our countries, for the sake of steady progress towards the goals set out in the Charter and other fundamental documents of the SCO.
In the proposed activities, I firmly intend to follow the principles of the Shanghai Spirit, continue the established traditions of the SCO and make a reasonable contribution to the further development of the organization, the successful implementation of the tasks assigned to the SCO Secretariat and upholding the interests of all SCO member countries.
I am very well aware of the importance and scale of the tasks set before the organization by the SCO Qingdao Summit, which opened up new horizons of cooperation in the spheres of politics, security, economy and humanitarian affairs in order to ensure peace, stability, sustainable development and prosperity in the SCO space.
It is gratifying to note the increased authority, the transcontinental nature of the Organization and the attractiveness of the G8 due to strict observance of the principle of consensus applied to all aspects of the life of the SCO, ensuring the exclusive equality of all member States regardless of their potential and capabilities. The openness and non-interference of the SCO against other States and international organizations makes it an attractive example for others. This is evidenced by the growth of the SCO Family and new applications from other States for accession to the organization.
The coming year promises to be full of important events in the life of the organization, especially in the preparation and holding of the SCO Summit in Bishkek, the implementation of plans to increase the capacity of the Shanghai Organization to confront new challenges and threats, generate new ideas and implement projects to expand economic and humanitarian cooperation, expand comprehensive cooperation with Observer States and Dialogue Partners, enhance interaction with the UN and its specialized agencies, other international and regional organizations.
In the field of security, the Secretariat of the SCO will pay special attention to enhancing cooperation and coordination of efforts in the fight against the "three forces of evil" with the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure of the SCO, located in Tashkent.
We will continue our close cooperation with the SCO Youth Council, in combating attempts to involve young people in the activities of terrorist, separatist and extremist groups, through comprehensive work to promote joint economic and humanitarian initiatives.
At this moment, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the new Director of the Executive Committee of the SCO RATS Jumakhon F.Giesov for his participation in today's event.
In addition, I intend to focus on the issues of deepening practical cooperation in the SCO space and achieving its effectiveness; multilateral economic, financial and investment cooperation; expansion of transit potential and transport and communication capabilities of the region; implementation of joint projects including in the field of digital economy and agriculture; in order to improve the level and quality of life of 3 billion people living in the SCO space.
In this regard, I intend to pay special attention to enhancing the interaction of the SCO's permanent bodies with the Business Council, Interbank Association, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Silk Road Fund and other financial institutions interested in implementing joint projects in the SCO space.
In order to improve the efficiency of the analytical work of the SCO Secretariat, close cooperation will be established with the SCO Forum and the scientific and expert community of our countries in the search for new promising solutions to the challenges facing the Organization.
I am grateful for the attention to the affairs of the SCO by the public, women and youth organizations of the People's Republic of China and other member states. With their help, I hope to expand the cooperation in the framework of public diplomacy so that the voice of the SCO is even more clear and consonant with the interests of the peoples of all our countries.
At the same time, I consider it important to promote the development of cultural and humanitarian ties within the framework of the SCO, giving special importance to the cooperation in the field of education, health and tourism, including on the "Great Silk Road".
Today, we are all witnessing how an active process of a comprehensive revival of this path is taking place in the Organization, which will undoubtedly contribute to a significant increase in the potential and international role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Dear colleagues and friends,
In carrying out its activities, the SCO secretariat receives constant support from the government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other ministries and departments, analytical and business circles of China, ambassadors of the countries of the "Shanghai Family", as well as the Council of National Coordinators and Permanent Representatives of the Member States of the Shanghai Organization.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you — in particular to Mr. Zhang Hanhui, Assistant Foreign Minister of China — for your full cooperation and participation in today's event.
Let me conclude by expressing my sincere wishes from the bottom of my heart to all those present here for their happiness, health, prosperity and joy in the upcoming New Year on the lunar calendar, and to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization for further development and new heights.
Thank you for your attention.

Assistant Foreign Minister of the P. R. of China
Mr. Zhang Hanhui

Dear Secretary General, Mr. Norov,
Excellencies, Dear guests,
Ladies and gentlemen!
I am very glad to attend the reception of Mr. Norov, the new Secretary-General of SCO. At first, allow me, on behalf of the Chinese side, to warmly welcome the Secretary General in Beijing. Mr. Norov was appointed in the meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of State as Secretary General of the Organization in June last year, reflecting high confidence of the heads of the SCO Мember States that the Secretary General would undoubtedly justify the trust reposed in him and will perform his duties effectively and in good faith to further contribute in the development of the Organization.
For 18 years since its establishment, the SCO has been steadfastly adhering to the "Shanghai Spirit", constantly strengthening good-neighbourliness, friendship, solidarity and mutual trust between the Member States, intensifying cooperation in the field of security, economy and cultural and humanitarian ties. Therefore, it is increasingly playing an important and constructive role in international and regional affairs, and successfully opening the way for the development of the International Organization. Last June, the SCO Qingdao summit was held successfully, at which the heads of the participating countries made an in-depth and accurate analysis of the world development trend, outlined comprehensive plans for further development of the Organization, embodied in the "Shanghai Spirit" content of the new era and brought the SCO development to a new stage.
Today, the world is experiencing unprecedented changes in the century, and the factors of instability and uncertainty in the world are increasingly becoming evident. The SCO, as an integrated regional organization covering the most extensive area, the largest population in the world and huge potential for cooperation, bears an increasing responsibility in promoting security, stability, development and prosperity of the region, and indeed of the whole world. I am convinced that for the countries in the region, SCO's common efforts will certainly be a firm guarantee of joint security and stability, a hope for joint development and prosperity, and an important platform where various issues of multilateral format are discussed, subsequently making a positive contribution to advancing the formation of international relations of the new type and community with a common destiny of mankind.
The Secretary-General has a responsible mission to coordinate efforts to implement the agreements of the heads of Member States, promote the development of the Organization and increases its influence. Mr. Norov, as an experienced and professional diplomat, pays immense attention to and supports the development of the SCO. I am sure that under his leadership the Secretariat will work with full dedication, pushing the SCO to a new development from a new beginning. China, as the country of accreditation of the Secretariat, will continue to provide active support and assistance to the Secretary-General and the Secretariat.
In conclusion, I would like to wish Secretary General Mr. Norov success in his work and a bright future for the SCO.
In a few days, there will be a traditional Chinese Spring festival. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and wish everyone prosperity and well-being.
Thank you for attention!

Executive Director SCO RATS

Mr. Giosov D.F.

Dear Mr. Vladimir Norov,
Please accept my sincere gratitude for inviting me for the Welcome Reception hosted on occasion of assumption of your duties of Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
On behalf of the international team of the Executive Committee of the SCO-RATS and myself cordially congratulate you on this momentous occasion in the life of our Organization.
You have already established yourself as a prominent political figure and diplomat of Uzbekistan. The Heads of State of the SCO Member States took a decision to appoint you as the Secretary-General of the SCO. This marks a new stage in your life, and is a manifestation of trust in you and the international recognition of your outstanding personal and professional qualities on the part of the entire Shanghai family.
I must say that the activities to be undertaken as the Secretary General are of historical significance. With every passing year, the role and participation of the SCO is growing in resolving topical international issues, strengthening integration processes, ensuring security and harmonious socio-economic and humanitarian-cultural development in the region. I am convinced that your rich experience at the helm of foreign policy of Uzbekistan, high professionalism, competence, your inherent energy and commitment will contribute to the effective solution of the SCO's tasks in the conditions of new challenges and threats, contribute to the further development of the Organization's potential for the benefit of our States and people.
In this context, as the Executive Director of RATS SCO, I assure you of my readiness to provide you with all possible assistance and in fact to convincingly and clearly demonstrate that the Secretariat and the Executive Committee of the RATS are really "two mighty wings of the SCO."
Demonstrating our unity with the SCO Secretariat and our personal deep respect for you, Mr. Vladimir Norov, it's a great honour for the leadership of the SCO RATS to participate in the event.
I am confident that with your personal support and good tradition of close cooperation, mutual understanding and mutual support, our permanent bodies of SCO will receive additional impulses and contents in the interests of the development and improvement of international image of the SCO.
Availing this opportunity, I sincerely wish you, Mr. Vladimir Norov, good health, happiness, well-being and success in realizing your plans and ideas.


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russian Federation to China
H.E. Mr.Denisov Andrey

Distinguished Secretary-General,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Tonight's reception is dedicated to an important occasion in the life of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that symbolizes the next stage of its development under new leadership.
Mr. Vladimir Norov was appointed Secretary-General by the Heads of State Council during the SCO Summit meeting in Qingdao last June. This decision created new opportunities to promote multi-faceted collaboration among 18 SCO countries and to enhance the performance of the Organization's permanent bodies, first of all its Secretariat.
We all know Mr. Norov as a prominent statesman, brilliant diplomat, reputable scholar and expert in international affairs.
I have no doubt that as Head of one of the world's largest trans-regional organizations Mr. Vladimir Norov will — in his inherent constructive manner — apply his extensive experience and deep knowledge to foster good-neighborly relations, friendship and cooperation among Member States to the benefit of the people living in the vast SCO area.
On behalf of SCO Ambassadors accredited to Beijing I would like to confirm our shared determination to continue collective work, our readiness to provide support and assistance to further strengthening of our Organization.
Allow me to join all words of greeting addressed to the Secretary-General tonight, sincerely wish Mr. Norov good luck and success in pursuing the ambitious objectives of SCO cooperation on the basis of immutable principles of the Shanghai Spirit.
I would also like to use this opportunity to wish everyone present a happy coming Spring Festival — New Year according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar.
Thank you for attention.

National coordinator of Kyrgyz Republic to SCO
Mr. Kochkonov Kazybek

Dear Vladimir Imamovich, Excellencies, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen!
On behalf of the Kyrgyz Republic, which is currently presiding SCO, and on behalf of all National Coordinators of the SCO Member States, allow me to congratulate Mr. Norov Vladimir Imamovich on assuming the charge of the Secretary General of the SCO, and wish him great success in all endeavors for development of our Organization.
Today, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has taken a worthy place in the current international system. The SCO covers two thirds of the Eurasian continent, and the combined population of the SCO family is around more than 3.2 billion people. Every year the number of states desiring to become observers and dialogue partners is increasing.
Cooperation within the framework of the SCO is one of the main priorities of foreign policy of the Kyrgyz Republic. Our country is firmly committed to the principles of the "Shanghai spirit" and highly values multifaceted cooperation within the framework of the SCO.
These days the meeting of the Council of National Coordinators of the SCO is taking place. The agenda of the meeting reflects full range of comprehensive interaction within the Organization. Currently, my colleagues and I are also working on preparation for the next meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of State in Bishkek, besides other important events which will take place before the SCO Summit. However, I would like to assure you that during the presidency of Kyrgyzstan in the SCO, we will make every effort to successfully hold the upcoming events.
The SCO secretariat is called upon to provide significant coordinating assistance. I am convinced that the established practice of coordinated joint work of the SCO secretariat with the Council of National Coordinators will be further improved with the arrival of the new Secretary-General,.
At the end of my speech on behalf of the Kyrgyz Republic and the National Coordinators of the SCO Member States, I would like to express my readiness to support practical initiatives and proposals from the Secretariat led by Mr. Vladimir Norov aimed at deepening mutually beneficial cooperation within the Organization.
Thanks for attention!