SCO Secretariat discusses draft programme of developing interregional cooperation between SCO member states

A meeting of the permanent representatives of the SCO member states

On 17-18 January 2019, Kyrgyzstan chaired a meeting of the permanent representatives of the SCO member states at the SCO Secretariat in Beijing.

The agenda included a discussion of a draft programme for developing interregional cooperation between the SCO member states.

The participants noted the significance of establishing direct ties and promoting balanced cooperation between the regions of the SCO member states. They exchanged opinions on the draft programme and advanced proposals on practical measures to promote cooperation between the regions of the SCO member states in such areas as trade, the economy, investment, industrial production, agriculture, tourism and environmental protection.

The permanent representatives focused on practical implementation of the programme and mapping out an action plan.

They also discussed improving the cooperation mechanisms between the local regions of the SCO member states within the framework of the programme discussed.

Developing a draft programme of interregional cooperation as part of the motion to establish a Forum of the Heads of Regions of the SCO member states was the initiative of the Republic of Uzbekistan during the Qingdao summit of the Leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation member states on 10 June 2018.