SCO Marathon winners get unique medals

A unique set of medals for winners of the 3rd SCO Marathon event

A unique set of medals has been developed especially for winners of the 3rd SCO Marathon event.

Mr Hang Binghua, a famous specialist from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the creator of its emblem, designed the medal.

The medal's concept symbolises the cohesion of SCO member states, their friendship and mutual trust. This is consonant with the unity of all 56 ethnic minorities living in China, as well as the bright and unique culture of Kunming and Yunnan Province.

The composition features four overlapping disks, with a gliding gull decorating the obverse side.

This can be explained by the fact that Heuglin's gulls or Siberian gulls (Larus fuscus heuglini), repeatedly fly to and from Lake Baikal and a picturesque lake just outside Kunming. These birds "praise" the allegedly harmonious relationship between humans and Mother Nature, while gliding above the wonderful City of Eternal Spring.

The medal's reverse side depicts the SCO emblem, as well as the logos of the tournament and the athletic association.

The main marathon track is 42,195 metres long and meets the standards of the sports event. It is also popular with the runners.

The Kunming marathon is officially rated the only SCO sports event involving all of the Organisation's states.